Bloody British History – Hereford

Hereford has a darker side to its history, filled with strange – and sometimes unlikely – true tales.

Was King Arthur a Hereford man? Why was its patron saint murdered by his would-be father-in-law? Why did another of its saints become the only saint to die excommunicated? Was a Bishop of Hereford involved in the murder of a king by the most frightful method imaginable? Did bones from the Cathedral graveyard really cure every disease known to man? Was a ghost really responsible for the destruction of the cathedral’s west front? Was the Hay Poisoner really guilty? Was a Hereford clerk the rightful King of England?

These, and many other strange stories, will be revealed in this book…

ISBN: 9780752480909
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Published: 1 September 2012
Type: Paperback
Pages: 96

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