The Hare At Morning

King William II – or William Rufus as he was more commonly known – was killed by an arrow while out hunting. But was it an accident or an assassination? His death remains one of the great mysteries of English history and in this fictional re-imagining, Herefordshire gamekeeper Horace Price finds his own story touching that of this medieval King in surprising ways.

Horace looks back on his eventful life and the many changes that he has seen since his birth. He lived and fought through two world wars and, unlike many, rather enjoyed the experience. Driven by innate selfishness, our unreliable narrator, has dealt harshly with anyone whose dreams run counter to his own…including some underhand dealings that inadvertently changed our understanding of history.

David Phelps uses folklore and history in this dual tale of medieval courtly rivalry and more recent skulduggery. Evoking the world of gamekeeping, the darker side of rural life is laid bare in The Hare at Morning.

ISBN: 9781838592745
Publisher: Troubador Publishing
Published: 28 March 2020
Type: Paperback
Pages: 320

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