Worcestershire Folk Tales

Worcestershire is a county of contrasts, with one face turned to the modern buzz of Birmingham and the other turned towards the quiet rural landscape of the West Country.

Its folk tales reflect this dichotomy, with some stories based in the fears and superstitions of village life, and others evolving from the strains and pressures of a new industrial reality. From battles of the Civil War to witchcraft trials, Worcestershire is steeped in history – and almost every village has some dark tale of magical events to tell. Ordinary folk from all walks of life mix with devils, ogres and ghosts. Even the holy community is not safe – vengeance, infidelity and murder loom large in the county’s religious history. Complemented by beautiful illustrations, Worcestershire Folk Tales is crammed with these myths, legends and mysterious yarns.

David Phelps has worked as an oral storyteller since 2005, being much inspired by his grandmother’s tales of Worcestershire’s folklore. He is a member of both the Folklore Society and the Society for Storytelling, and is the author of Herefordshire Folk Tales and Haunted Hereford.

ISBN: 9780752485805
Publisher: The History Press Ltd
Published: 1 June 2013
Type: Paperback
Pages: 192

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