Would You Like Your Name In A Book?

Some of you may have read my story, The Snow Foresters, which features on the short story page of this website. If not, this would be a wonderful opportunity to do so.

I can now reveal, as they say on the BBC, that it will be the title story of a book of short stories that I have put together and will include more fantastic illustrations from the wonderful artist Veronique Avon. It will be published by the  self-publishing company Matador Books in the spring. This will involve putting my own money into the scheme (sorry kids, no Christmas presents this year) but Matador are at the respectable end of the self-publishing spectrum and come out top in most independent reviews of the industry.

To settle in my mind that I am not being a narcissistic idiot I am asking you guys for pledges of support that you will buy the book when it is published. No need to send money now, just let me know in the Comments section, by email (see Contacts page) or a note on Facebook. (NB – of course you can send money now but this will be regarded as a charitable act and nothing to do with the publication of the book.) In return I will include your name on the Acknowledgements page, which, at the very least, will mean it will be kept in perpetuity in the vaults of the British Library.

The book is likely to be about 150 pages in length and, although the price has not been set yet, is likely to be about £7.50.


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