A German knight by the name of Franco wished to speak to Louis d’Outremer, son of Charlemagne. He came upon him in the forest of Bihere, sitting on a stone but, not knowing him by sight, asked him where King Louis could be found. Louis, modestly, said, “He will be here shortly.”

The knight dismounted and the king, courteously, held the stirrup on the other side of the knight’s saddle, so that it should not slip. Louis noticed the knight’s great sword and, admiring it, asked to look at it. When he had it in his hands he became fascinated and, forgetting his concealment, said, in an off-hand and kingly manner, “Bring me a stone to sit on.”

Franco, fearing the sword in the other man’s hand, did so. Then he asked for the sword to be given back. When it was returned to him he pointed to the stone and said, “Now, put it back.” When the king’s courtiers arrived and explained to the knight who it was he was talking to he was mortified, but King Louis took it in good part.



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