An Apology

Experts have advised me that I was quite wrong to blame hidden right-wing forces for securing the Brexit vote. They have, quite rightly, pointed out that many of these “billionaires” were, emulating their hero, Donald Trump, deeply in debt just before the Referendum.

So where did the money come from that enabled the British people to take back control? Well, the same person who funded the DUP, Marine le Pen and Alternative for Germany of course. Step forward into the limelight, with that delightful foxy smile of yours, Emperor Vladimir Putin. With or without your shirt, your choice. Even tired old Theresa May has belatedly cottoned on to the fact. Though, in true British style, nothing will be done that might embarrass anyone.

While forces in the U.S.. Germany and France are investigating threats to their democracy, it is good to see that the British Government, with unusual foresight, is doing nothing. Cleverly Boris and Gove see the way the wind is blowing. It is a lesson learnt in every playground that it is sensible to give the bully your lunch money immediately when asked. It avoids any unpleasantness.

Who needs a coup where you have to go to all the palaver of putting tanks on the street and taking over T.V. stations when you can just pocket the roubles and pretend nothing’s happened.


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