Brexit Means Brexit

It now looks increasingly likely that we will be leaving the EU without a deal. This presents many opportunities to the people of the United Kingdom.

Our farmers will need to grow more food, so it is away with outdated hedgerows and wildlife and why should it worry us that there are dangerous levels of phosphates in our drinking water? Those are EU regulations and will no longer apply. Vichy Britons moan that ordinary people will not be able to afford bananas and coffee with the crash of sterling so we must rely on home grown produce. It’s amazing what you can do with turnips. The long school holidays can be returned to their traditional function, so that small children can help with the harvest.

The late Lord Lawson quite rightly criticised the Chancellor Hammond for failing to spend £50m concreting over Kent to create the lorry park we will need to house those trying to get through customs.

I recommend a book called “Atlas Shrugged” by the great writer Ayn Rand. It is the bible of the altruistic entrepreneurs who put so much of their own money into the Vote Leave campaign and portrays the utopian future available to us now we have taken back control, where the rich 1% can pursue their ambitions in peace and the weak 99% can go to the wall that they deserve.


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