A boy from Hay went to cross the Wye, carrying a bow and two arrows in order to see what sport he could find in somebody else’s fields. But before he had gone far he was spotted by two men who, guessing his purpose, chased after him and he was forced to flee. One came close to catching him so the boy had no choice but turn and put an arrow into the fellow.

The man cried out to his companion, “After him! I am dying, bring me back my life by taking life from him.”

So the other kept up the chase but, coming close to Hay, he gave up the pursuit and returned to his comrade. The boy, seeing himself no longer pursued, stealthily followed after to see what would happen.

When the stricken man saw his friend returning he asked, “Have you brought back my life?”

“No, I have not.”

“Then take a kiss from me to take back to my wife and sons.”

As the man leant down his comrade took out his knife and stuck it in his stomach.

“Then lose your own since you are such a coward not to have brought back mine.”

Then the other man took out his own knife and knifed his killer through the guts, followed by these words: “You will have nothing to boast about by my death and the only thing I am sorry about is that I shall die before I can pass on a like kiss to your wife and sons.”



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