William Laudun, an English knight, came to Gilbert Foliot when he was bishop of Hereford and said, “My lord, I come for some advice. A Welshman of evil reputation died recently in my village. After four nights he started coming back at night and calling out to the villagers, calling them by name. Upon hearing their name each one at once fell sick and was dead within three days.”

The bishop ordered the body to be exhumed, the neck cut through with a spade and the body and grave sprinkled with holy water and then the body replaced in it. Yet still the creature plagued the village, now calling out William’s name. But the knight did not quail and went out to face the demon with his sword drawn and chased it. The thing fled to the grave and was about to fall into it. Before it could, William cut the head from the neck. From that moment the pestilence ceased.


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