In the time of Roger, bishop of Worcester, a man died without being shriven. For a month or more his body wandered about in his shroud, at first at night and then even in open day. It came to a point where the whole population of the neighbourhood could stand it no longer and chased after him and laid siege to him in an orchard for three days, not allowing him to leave but not knowing what to do with him.

Roger ordered a cross to be laid on the man’s grave and then for the body to be allowed to leave the orchard. The creature made its way to the grave followed, at a safe distance, by all the people. It started at the sight of the cross and ran in another direction, screaming piteously but then Roger removed the cross and the spectre rushed to the grave and sank into it, the earth closing over it. As soon as this had happened Roger laid the cross back on the grave. The revenant remained quiet from that day to this.


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